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The Lives We Impact

Who We Are

Futures Through Choices Inc. is a non-profit organization that strives to enhance the lives of individuals that live with a developmental disability.  As an agency we provide comprehensive services that include but are not limited to education, behavior modification, financial assistance, daily living skills,  medical services,  as well as community integration and training.


Our Mission

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Futures Through Choices Inc. offers a broad range of services we provide not just to our individuals but the families of our individuals.

Supporting People With Disabilities.

Working towards the Future!

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Futures Through Choices Inc. will pledge to provide exceptional opportunities to enhance the growth and development of the individuals we serve.


  • Residential Services
  • Day Supports
  • Family Support/Respite
  • Counseling/Therapy Services for individuals and families

 " The happiest people do not have everything,      but they make the best of everything."

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